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For DGW34:

1) Otamendi, Hazard, Sanchez, Barnes, Son


2) Chilwell, Salah, Kane, Son/Alli, Lingard/Mata


Hi Overlord,

Do you have datasets for past seasons, FPL 2015/16, 2014/15, etc..??



Now that January is upon us, so too comes a new wildcard. Is it possible to have an option for this when using Rate My Team?




Hi, nice site! Just wondering about the 'Average Points' column in the csv files you provide. I'm assuming it's intended to yield the PointsPerMatch statistic that can be found on the FPL site, ie. TotalPoints/Appearances. For most players this is the case, but for some it suggests they've played 33 matches (in the 17-11 dataset) from a possible 11. (e.g. Aguero 8.4 correctly reflecting 67pts from 8 apps, but Afellay 0.06 not correctly reflecting 2pts from 3 apps, or Adam 0.03 not correctly reflecting 1pt from 1 app). Is this a bug or am I misinterpreting something?

Thanks for your time. (tried to email, but getting a bounce with Relay Access Denied error message)

Fantasy Overlord

Thats a bug, thanks for letting me know. The bug was around handling averages taking into account multiple games in a single gameweek, but it was doing it wrong. Luckily this bogus value wasn't used for the rate my team functionality.

I'll get the email situation fixed too!

Fantasy Overlord

Email is now fixed, thanks for letting me know!!


No problem, thanks for the reply


Hey, Overlord, just bumped on your site, and looks amaziing...I am a new player, this is my first season, and since experienced with excel , I did something similar to your using excel...

I extracted data stack from the site, but what I miss is data stack in a form of proper DB , i.e. each entry to be one GW KPI so to see all players per GW, not just combined...

Another thing I would add to predictions is previous years data, do you happen to know where they keep stack of those data?


Fantasy Overlord


I dont think the FPL site keeps last years data available. I have some data in the History page.

The weekly breakdowns of player stats over the course of the current season is available from the FPL site. Just put a network trace on Chrome when you look at a players history to see the request.



Sorry, I meant throughout the *season...

Fantasy Overlord

Good idea, I have been meaning to do this.


Even more interesting would be to use a team that follows the fantasy football rules like single gameweek transfer and the other tokens throughout the season. Another shot of seeing how the algorithm performs by actually playing the game

Fantasy Overlord

Hi Script.

This is the point of the Beat The Overlord league. I have a team in there that is each weeks recommended transfer and captaincy's.



Please create a link showing your dream team predictions throughout the week to allow us guage the true power of the algorithm


Can the Dreamteam include the next n games forecasted? Rather than just the next game week?


Thanks very much for this great application that you make available. One issue I experience is that new players to the league score 0 points. This is especially an issue when '*rating my team*'. Are you planning a solution to this issue?


I agree, It's a bit of a pain.

I am a big fan of some of the new players to the league, especially Chicharito for West Ham.

Will this remain on 0 until the season starts and data is generated against the player?


Hi Overlord

Thanks for all the insights from this website.

Is it possible at all to have a matrix showing each each player's score for each gameweek?



Hi, Do you know why there seem to be three players data missing for this week in the scraped csv file? I've spotted Lewis Cook and a couple of others. Great resource, thanks for providing it for us all.


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