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Victor Tangen

Hi. I just donated $2 by CC and $2 by PayPal. How can I send tou my IP address to get more access?

Fantasy Overlord


Hi, Could you share some information about the accuracy of your model, please? Thank you


File FPL19-GW3 has no data in it


File FPL-GW3 has no data in it


Can't enter my FPL ID in Rate my team anymore, it goes pink. How do I solve this? I have tied to reset cookies and clear cache but still the same problem.

Fantasy Overlord

Yeah, bug, all fixed now.

counts of gameweek #1 - FPLxx-GW00.csv

Your historical data has some inconsistencies for the first file ...

For 2017 and 2018, it has the totals for the previous season.

For 2019, it has the totals for the ongoing season.


|FirstName|Surname|year|gw |MinutesPlayed|Assists|GoalsScored|TotalPoints|


|Sergio |Aguero |2017|0 |2404 |5 |20 |175 |

|Sergio |Aguero |2018|0 |1960 |6 |21 |169 |

|Sergio |Aguero |2019|0 |21 |0 |1 |5 |


Fantasy Overlord

Yes, unfortunately you can thank the FPL site itself for that, that is how they presented their data this year, Im just passing it on.


Hello FO,

I'm new to the site, but very impressive the amount of effort and detail you provide.

I am following your 'dreamteam' and from wk1 to wk2, there are 11 changes. That would cost 40pts to implement. Does your workings take into consideration that cost, and still believes that its worth it, or is it simply the best players for the next week irrespective of the former weeks squad?

Also, does it show when to play the bonus cards and who the VCaptain is?



Fantasy Overlord

Yes Dreamteam is just the best for the upcoming week, regardless of last weeks team.

I do run a team named ‘Fantasy Overlord’ which does the suggested transfer each week. You can compete against that team if you join the Fantasy Overlord league (code on the home page).

VC is not shown, and the algorithm was designed prior to bonus cards, so those are not included either.

Big Fat Frank

Hi, your opening 5 games for WHU are incorrect - LFC showing as GW5

Fantasy Overlord

Thanks for letting me know, all fixed.


Why the massive jump in projected points for Heung-Min Son from last week to this week? It appears the total points are consistent (with 2 additional) but the average changed radically. It seems you were using a denominator of 27 games last week but 21.9 this week? I only ask as the site suggested I dump Son and now it wants me to buy him back.

Adam Ivison


Really like what you have done here, been using your site for the last two seasons... tried implementing the paper in Python myself prior to finding this but never quite got it finished.

I have just played the free hit last week, when I come to rate my team it is showing the squad that was for the free hit rather than my available squad for this gameweek. Is this rectifiable?



Fantasy Overlord

Unfortunately not, I can only retrieve the teams from the points results page

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